Monday, September 26, 2016

Mancat Monday: No More Bed Wars

Carmine enjoys his new heated bed.
Hi everybody, it's mes, Carmine!

Remember this post where mes told yous about how mes was getting annoyed because Lita kept stealing MY heated bed?  And how mes was hissing and giving hers smacky paws cause hers kept stealking MY heated bed?  

Well, our friends at Tomcat Commentary by Tim saw it and emailed the Mom and told hers theys were going to send us ANOTHER HEATED BED!!!

The Mom was overcome with gratitude and thought that was so very sweet of thems to do!  

So a few weeks ago, wes got a big box in the mail.  The Mom opened it up for us, and wes found another heated bed in it!!!

The Mom set it up for us right away, and put Lita in it.  When Lita got out, mes just HAD to check it out.  AND CLAIM IT, MOL!!!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Purr for the Mom

Hi everyone, it's Lita today.  

I have news to share about me, but today I want to talk about the Mom.  I will post about me sometime soon, though, I promise!

On Friday night/Saturday morning, the Mom had some noms, and then she felt really horrible.  She went to lay down because she thought it might make her feel better, but it made her feel WORSE.  She tried petting me and laying there, but it just kept getting worse.  The Mom took some medicine, but that didn't help.  Neither did her normal tummy medicines.  

She was crying and told D that the tummy pain wasn't going away!  Then her tummy hurt so bad that she started yelling and screaming in agony.  The Mom stressed ME out so much that I had an asthma attack.  The Mom said she felt horrible about stressing me, but she hurt so much that she could not keep from yelling.  She would NOT make a good cat, friends.  She can't hide her pain well like we do!

The Mom told D to call the ambulance, and then they came right away.  She threw on her flip-flops and went out on the stretcher, crying loudly.  The Mom must really love us, though.....'cause between her screams of agony, she said, "The babies!!!!" when D had the apartment door open.  What a nice Mom she is, worrying about us.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Purrball Meets Burrball in Brazil Review

Purrball Meets Burrball in Brazil by Anne Zoet is a sweet children's book I recently had the opportunity to read.

Purrball is a gray cat who has a loving family.  He and his family are moving to Brazil.  The family makes it to Brazil fine, but when an earthquake strikes, Purrball gets scared and runs away.  He runs into a sloth with three toes in a tree.  Purrball decides to name the sloth Burrball because the sloth reminds him of the burs he gets stuck in his fur.

Burrball helps Purrball use the cellphone and charger he had wrapped around his leg when he ran away to contact his family so they can find him.  They run into some challenges, but ultimately Purrball and his family are reunited.

The book is really cute.  It teaches children about trust and friendship.  The incorporation of technology into the storyline is really genius and makes the book modern.  I think any child who loves animals will really enjoy this book.

Author Interview with Anne Zoet

What inspired you to write this book?
Anne Zoet: The story hit me on a day that I took out for myself away from my high tech work. I was having a massage, which is when I zone-out and don’t think about anything. Oddly, this time, I started creating the Purrball and Burrball storyline the more and more I unwound. I was so relaxed that the whole thing unfolded start to finish.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bed Wars

Lita in the heated bed
Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

The Mom says thank you to all of those who left comments here or on Facebook in the days up to and on Jewel's second Rainbow Bridge anniversary day.  It was a very hard day on hers, and hers appreciates all the kind words, purrs, and hugs.

Look who has been stealing my bed lately!!  Can yous believe it?!  Lita doesn't usually like beds, so the Mom never thought there would be any problem having only one heated bed in the apartment.  

At first, mes let Lita lay in my bed for a whiles without getting annoyed, but nows mes is not so amused when hers steals my bed.

A couple of days ago, the Mom saw mes come over to my bed and find hers in it.  Mes meowed at Lita and got annoyed, but mes went to my box bed to has a nap.

Carmine enjoys his heated bed.
Then yesterday, D told the Mom that mes came over to my bed to find Lita in it and hissed and swatted at hers!  Hers started coughing so mes decided to walk away and let hers has my bed for a whiles longer.  

The Mom hopes hers can get us another heated bed before Christmas time rolls around so mes and Lita will not have to has any more bed wars. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Remembering Jewel

Today is not only Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, it is the second anniversary of Jewel's journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I only knew my little angel for 4 short years before she left us, and she only lived with me for two of those years.  I gave her everything I could in the four years I knew her, and I did my best to spoil her and give her all the love she deserved when she came to live here.  I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to care for precious Jewel, and I am so blessed that so many of you took part in her care by donating to her medical treatment during her long struggle with kidney disease.  You all helped me keep her alive and happy for a long time, and I will forever be thankful to each of you who supported us whether financially or emotionally.  All of the support and love you all showed my angel was amazing, and I will never forget it.

I have peace about Jewel's passing, but I do not have peace about her life before she came to live with us.  It makes me so incredibly sad that she was mistreated before she came to live here.  I know that this is something I cannot change, but she deserved so much more than she got in life.

On this day, I'd like to share a few of my very favorite memories of my angel with you.

Jewel's former owner would play Rock Band on his PlayStation sometimes.  One of my favorite memories of Jewel is that she was running around on the top of the couch singing along as her former owner played this game.