Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Spirituality, Healing and Me


Spirituality, Healing and Me

Book Details:

Book Title:  Spirituality, Healing and Me: How Living a Spiritual Life Offers Hope and healing in the Modern World
Author:  Ilana Estelle
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 288 pages
Genre:  Self-Help
Publisher:  RedDoor Press
Release date:  Sept 16, 2021
Format available for review:  print-hardback (USA and Canada), ebook (mobi for kindle)
Tour dates:  Sept 20 to Oct 8
Content Rating:  G.
Book Description:

Everyday life has never been more challenging and it’s easy to lose sight of who we are and who we want to be. In Spirituality, Healing and Me, Ilana Estelle draws on her experiences of emotional, mental and physical disability to show how tuning into our spiritual side can improve well-being, heal our minds and set us firmly back on track.

Ilana shows how focusing on values such as understanding, empathy, compassion, tolerance, kindness, creativity and acceptance can help us find our inner calm.

Packed with inspiring messages and real-life vignettes, Ilana’s book shows how spirituality can help us navigate even the roughest waters.
•Improve emotional balance and wellness
•Boost confidence and self-esteem
•Stay self-aware, grounded and patient
•Appreciate life and each other
•Accept changing circumstances
•Enhance positive emotions and personal healing

Meet the Author:

Ilana was born with a disability she didn’t know she had until the age of 46, when through her medical notes she discovered she had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2.

That discovery turned out to be a unique and life-changing experience that has forced Ilana to stand back and look at her life experiences differently. On her late diagnosis, Ilana set up her website The CP Diary and uses her experiences to explore her emotional and physical health, with an inspiring message advocating resilience and change.

Ilana likes to spend her days writing and blogging about anything that contributes to her health and well being. She is an animal advocate and is passionate about environmental issues. When she is not writing to tending to her blog, Ilana enjoys days out exploring the Yorkshire countryside. Ilana lives with her husband and their much-loved cat, in Yorkshire. Her grown up son and daughter both live in London.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

#RememberMeThursday - Callie Needs a Home


 Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

In June, mes celebrated mines 16th Gotcha Day! From the time mes was a 14-week-old kitten, mes has had a forever home with lots and lots of love! But mes knows not every kitty bes as lucky as mes is. 

Today be Remember Me Thursday, a day we shine light on all the kitties and doggies out there who still need forever homes. 

Callie bes one beautiful ladycat who needs a forever home. The Mom is good friends with Callie's foster human. While Callie has a most wonderful foster human an home, theys thinks hers would be much happier in an only-cat home (hers foster home has other kitties living there, which doesn't make Callies so happy). 

Mes will turn it over to the Mom so hers can tell yous more about Callies. Isn't hers beautiful?

*Photo used with permission.

The Mom here to tell you all about sweet Callie. 

Callie is a special girl looking for a loving family. Callie is a beautiful calico ladycat who is approximately two years old, though her foster human says she still acts like a kitten!  

Callie really loves people! She is affectionate, playful, and content when she is around humans. Other cats, though, don't make her so happy. She needs to be an only cat. She would likely get along well with children. She enjoys snuggling and taking naps on laps. 


Callie is n FIV+ kitty. Cats can live long and healthy lives with FIV, so please do not let her FIV status deter you. 

Callie has been spayed, and she is up-to-date on her vaccinations. 

Please contact PAWS for Your Heart at 336-253-8001 or for more information about Callie or to apply for adoption. 

You can see more photos and an adorable video of Callie on her adoption profile

Please feel free to share this post to help Callie find her happily ever after! 

Remember Me Thursday

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Lazarus Cat

I thought today was the perfect day to share this story about Lita, to celebrate how strong and resilient she was. 


It looks like Lita has lung cancer and that it has metastasized from somewhere else in her body,” the vet told me as she put Lita on the floor and closed the door to the exam room.

I took one look at my beautiful 14-year-old blue lynx-point Siamese cat and burst into tears. This cannot be happening, I thought.

I composed myself and asked, “How long does she have?” I wanted to make each day Lita had left with us the very best it could possibly be.

I don't know,” the vet said, “Some cats hang on longer than others.”

I cried on the way home. Lung cancer was the last thing I expected to hear when I'd taken Lita to the vet that morning.

Friday, July 16, 2021

A Tribute to My Aunt

My Aunt J had breast cancer back in 1996. They gave her radiation treatments, and that put her into remission -- for 24 years. Last September, she told me that they had found another spot on her mammogram. They were going to do surgery to remove the spot and possibly do chemotherapy after that. It seemed like it would all be okay. But it wasn't. 

Scans showed that she had cancer in her lungs and ribs at that time. So, they cancelled the surgery and started chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I knew this wasn't good, but I had hoped that they could contain the cancer and prolong her life. 

I won't go into all the nitty gritty details here, but as the months progressed, the cancer spread like wildfire, and none of the chemo treatments they tried (they tried three different kinds!) did anything to slow it down or stop the spread. 

Sadly, my aunt lost her life to the cancer yesterday morning at 7:32am. The end sounded just horrid. I am so sad she is gone, but I m happy she is not in so much pain or suffering anymore. She was only 76. She was taken too soon, in my opinion, but God must have needed her for something. 

My aunt did not want anyone to make a fuss over her death. I am writing this tribute in an effort to give myself some closure and to honor her memory. I hope that she understands that this is my way of saying good-bye. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Finding My Sunshine: A Memoir Book REview


Finding My Sunshine

About the Book: Shannon was quick to blame others for her anger. She struggled with darkness and pain. Shannon was born with a learning disability, which left her feeling defeated. She tried drinking to quiet the demons inside her mind.

After being kicked out of college, Shannon began working in a nursing home as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA). This is when the miracle began in Shannon's life. Shannon's new elderly friends served as angels, providing her insights and wisdom to help her find her path through life.