Monday, September 24, 2018

Milita's Memories

Milita on top of my desk next to her favorite bed. She is about three years old in this photo.

Hi everyone, it's the Mom today with another memory about Lita.

About a year after I moved to Denver, I moved out of the University's graduate housing into an apartment. 

A couple of days before I was going to move, I went to sleep with Lita as usual. I had left the window open a bit to let some fresh air in while we slept. The window had a screen, and I had never seen Lita scratch at it, so I didn't think anything of doing this.

The next morning, I couldn't find Lita - anywhere. I checked the window, and to my horror, it had been scratched open. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone, it's the Mom here, and we are participating in Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop today.

Today, I am thankful that Carmine seems to be doing okay after we lost our friend of 14 years, precious Lita.

Carmine typically grieves very hard. When Emma went to the Bridge, he went around the apartment, crying and looking for her. When Jewel went to the Rainbow Bridge, he was really sad for about six months.

But since Lita went to the Bridge, Carmine has continued to be social, eat decently, and seems to be in a pretty good moo overall.

Personally, I think Carmine knows Lita is in a better place now. He knew her much longer than either Emma or Jewel, so he saw her when she was young and health as well as when she got old and began to struggle with her health.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Milita's Memories

Thank you to everyone who left comments for us on Facebook and on Lita's Rainbow Bridge post. We have not been able to respond to hardly anyone yet, but we will.

I plan to share memories of Lita with you here on the blog like I did with Jewel. I hope you enjoy reading about precious Angel Lita.

Me holding Lita when she was approximately one year old.

In the summer of 2004, I was preparing to move to Colorado to go to graduate school. I only knew one person out here - we had both gone to the same college and were friends.

I knew I would get lonely and wanted to bring a cat with me. The kitty I wanted to bring with me didn't work out, so my dad suggested that I bring Lita with me. Lita was an outdoor cat at the time (my dad has never allowed cats in the house). I had spent some time with Lita whenever I went outside. All the kitties (we had about 10 of them!) would gather around me when I sat down to pet them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Milita Went to the Rainbow Bridge

Ingrid, Pipo, and Dalton made this beautiful card for us.

This morning, I was getting ready for bed (yes, I have an odd sleep schedule) and heard Lita messing around in a corner. I went to get her and noticed she was all wet. She had peed herself again. I cuddled her in my lap and got the distinct message that she was sad and miserable.

She had not eaten - we were syringe-feeding her. She was not drinking - we were syringing her water. Her brain was really messed up. We don't know why she improved for a few days and then crashed two days ago again. I guess that will always be a mystery. We had hoped against all hope that she would improve again.

As I was holding her this morning, I decided that I would give her a few more hours but that if she did not improve that I would help her to the Bridge. I just could not see her so sad and miserable. It was heartbreaking. I also got the distinct impression as I held her that it would be the last time I ever held her.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Purrs and Prayers for Lita

Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine. 

Mes has a special request. My sisfur, Lita, is not doing so well. Do yous think yous can send hers some purrs and prayers? Mes will let the Mom tell yous what is going on, 'cause it is too technical for mes to understand. All mes knows is hers is acting very strange and hers no feels good.

/The Mom here.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Lita to the vet for some blood work because she was slowing down on her eating. While at the vet, they noticed she had a little sore on her left hind ankle. Lita can't walk like a "normal" cat since she shattered the achillies tendon in that leg. Her ankle rubs on the floor as she walks, and that spot has been bald for  a while.

The vet said the sore looked infected and asked if they could give a Convenia injection.  I stupidly assumed that since Lita didn't have any problems with the injections when she was on them for five months to treat her pneumonia that it would be fine.  So I told them to go ahead and give her one.