Monday, September 26, 2022

Book Review and Giveaway: Inside Your Heaven


Inside Your Heaven

About the Book: This book affirms that our loved ones are still around us after they die and their spirits go to the other side. Whether you struggle with grief over losing a loved one, suspect connecting with spirits is possible, or are fascinated by otherworldly dreams, premonitions, or signs, you will find hope and inspiration in this book. 

Follow April as she comes to terms with her own childhood trauma and grows into her vocation, first as a nurse and then as a psychic medium. 

Some of the stories April shares in this book include:

  • How Gianna and Vanessa overcome the pain of losing their mothers.
  • How Elena received comfort and guidance from her uncle and grandmother.
  • How Ella's babcia (grandmother) helped her feel more beautiful and loved and no longer abandoned.
  • How Sammy's parents helped affirm her self-worth.
  • How Leah Rae and Jenny received peace and closure from their deceased children.
This book will also help you discover and embrace your own gifts. It may help you feel less fearful about death.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Senior Cats and Senior Citizens Are a Purrfect Match: Remember Me Thursday



Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Today is Remember Me Thursday, a day wes recognize all the pets in shelters and rescues waiting for theirs forever homes. The other day, mes and the Mom was talking about how senior kitties and senior citizens bes the purrfect match, and mes thought this would bes a good opportunity to tell yous why. 

First, let's talk about why senior kitties often be overlooked at shelters and rescues.Some peoples overlook the senior kitties because theys is afraid that an old kitty may not live very long. Sometimes that may bes true, but remember that many kitties are living into their late teens and even their 20s these days. Mes is 17 years old, and mes will bes 18 next February. Mes isn't as spry as mes was as a youngin', but mes is still living a good life here with the Mom and Tylan. 

Sometimes peoples overlook the older kitties because theys think all an old kitty will do is sleep, and theys want an active and playful cat. It's true, a lot of older kitties sleep more than the younger ones, but oftentimes, wes is still active and playful, too. Mes doesn't play a lot anymores, but mes has only slowed down in the past couple of years. Even so, mes will still get bursts of energy where mes will bolt to the top of the kitchen cupboards or even chase Tylan around! 

Tylan is also considered a senior kitty - we *think* he be about seven years old now. Hims is still very active and playful. Hims loves to chase his favorite toys around the kitchen. Hims gets bursts of energy every morning and runs around the apartment, yelling the whole time. 

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Nine Signs Your Cat is in Pain

Nine signs your cat is in pain

Hi everyone! It's mes, Carmine!

Did yous know that September bes Animal Pain Awareness Month? Unfortunately, wes (as animals) cannot tell yous when wes bes in pain, so it be up to yous to observe us and take us to the vet when it looks like wes be in pain. That not always be very easy for the humans to do. Wes kitties hide pain especially well, so it can bes hard for the humans to know when wes are hurting.

Mes is fortunate that my human watches mes very closely and always seems to know when mes isn't feeling my bestest. 

Way back when mes was six years old, my human noticed that mes was sleeping more than usual. Hers also noticed mes wasn't jumping up to mines favorite places to bes - up high on hers desk or on the bookcase. The Mom didn't know what was wrong with mes, but hers knew something wasn't quite right. So, hers scooped mes up and took mes to the vet.

The Mom and the vet talked about mes, and theys were a bit stumped. The vet suggested theys get an x-ray of mes, so theys took a photo of my insides. It turns out that mes had arthritis in one of mines hips. The vet told the Mom hers could sprinkle some cosequin on mines food once a day to see if that would help mines pain. 

It did, and before you knew it, mes was back to running around and jumping up to my favorite high places like mes used to!

Now mes is going to let the Mom tell yous all about Animal Pain Awareness Month and how to tell if us kitties might bes in pain.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Seven Reasons I Love Carmine: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Young Carmine

"Look, there's an orange one," my friend Mariah says as we stand at the window looking into the PetSmart Adoption Center. 

"Aww. I want to see him," I say. I am legally blind and cannot see more than a few inches in front of me.

Mariah finds a store employee and asks if we can see the orange kitten. 

I sit in the chair by the cats' cages while the employee gets the kitten out of his cage. She hands me the kitten, and I put him in my lap. I knew instantly that I was supposed to take this little bundle of fur home with me. 

What I didn't know was how much this orange kitten would impact my life.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 Today, we are thankful for a lot of new friends! 

A little over a week ago, I went to visit my friend, Logan's, cats while they were in boarding. They traveled to Denver a little ahead of when Logan moved here. I am very excited to have another friend nearby, and I was happy to meet his kitties after hearing about them for so many years. 


This is Keebler. He came right up to me when I walked into their boarding room. He is so friendly and sweet! He ate up all the pets and treats I was giving him. He's a sweetheart. 

Photo used with permission.

This is Ayden. I couldn't get a good photo of him in boarding. He didn't want to look at the camera. He is a really sweet mancat. He loved being pet, and he loved the treats I brought. He stayed near me and purred while I loved on him. 

In this photo, Ayden is in his new home with Logan. He loves this high window!