Friday, January 23, 2015

Purina Pro Plan Savory Bites with Real Chicken Cat Treats Review

We received a bag of Purina Pro Plan Savory Bites with Real Chicken last week from Chewy, and we wanted to let you know what we thought of it today.  

Pro Plan Savory Bites with Real Chicken appeals to your cat's senses through their texture, taste, and smell.  The treats are made with real chicken and contain accents of tomatoes, peas, and carrots.  Savory Bites are nutritionally balanced for adult cats and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Pro Plan Savory Bites are also available in tuna and salmon flavors.  

Carmine: Can you open them now, Mom, so we can try them?

Carmine: Sniff sniff.  Lick lick.  Chomp chomp!

Carmine is definitely a fan of these treats!  He kept looking for more.

The real test, though, is if Milita likes them.  She is very picky about what treats she chooses to eat.

I gave Milita a treat.  She sniffed it.  She poked it with her paw a little.  Then she licked it.  And finally, she gobbled it up!  

I gave her a couple more treats, which she happily gobbled.  She couldn't get enough of the Savory Bites!  Every time she was out of treats, she kept looking for more.  I was pleasantly surprised that she loved these treats so much.  

Thank you so much, Chewy, for allowing us to taste-test the Purina Pro Plan Savory Bites with Real Chicken!  We are really enjoying them!

Disclosure: We received a bag of Purina Pro Plan Savory Bites with Real Chicken free of charge in exchange for our honest review.  This did not influence our opinions in any way; all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jewel's Journey

As many of you know, Jewel lived for treats!  She demanded treats throughout the day, and we gladly obliged her.

Some of her favorite treats included:

  • Greenies Feline SmartBites Hairball Control Chicken Flavor.
  • Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor Dental Cat Treats.
  • Friskies Party Mix Crunch Cheezy Craze Cat Treats.
  • Whisker Lickin's Soft & Delicious Chicken & Cheese Flavors.
We always had a wonderful selection of treats around for Jewel to enjoy. 

Once, we were out and about with Jewel - unlike Carmine and Milita, Jewel didn't mind going out to stores with us - and we stopped at Wal-Mart.  We took her down the treat aisle in her carrier and let her pick out some treats!  That was so fun!

I miss how she used to come up behind my computer chair and demand treats from me.  

What is your cat's favorite treat? 

BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards

It's that time of year again.  Time to make your nominations for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards!

I've put my heart and soul into this blog and sincerely hope that my readers find it entertaining and valuable.  

If you feel this blog is worthy, would you please consider nominating us in one of the 12 categories?  You are, of course, welcome to nominate the blog for any category you feel fits.  Below, I've included just a few suggestions for nomination if you'd like them.

Here is the information you'll need for the nomination.


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Nomination Suggestions

Best Cat Blog

Best Written Pet Blog Post

Keep Indoor Cats Warm in Winter.

Honoring Your Lost Companion During the Holidays.

Jewel's Journey Through CRF.

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats.

Thank you all so much for supporting us!  We appreciate you so much. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opt to Adopt Breezy


Denver Dumb Friends League, Buddy Center
Castle Rock, CO

Breezy is a beautiful tortoiseshell tabby Domestic Shorthair.  She is a sweet cat who readily greets visitors and enjoys being petted.  Breezy has tolerated kids in the past, but she has never lived with dogs or other cats.  

Breezy is approximately 13 years old.  She is declawed in the front, spayed, and up-to-date on her vaccinations.  She would love to find a home where her people adore her.  

If you would like more information about Breezy, please call the Denver Dumb Friends League at: 303-751-5772 and reference her ID#: A0691127.  

Monday, January 19, 2015

Keep Indoor Cats Warm in Winter

Even if your cat is an indoor-only kitty, he can get cold in the winter.  Senior or arthritic cats may become especially uncomfortable in the cold weather.  Fortunately, there are several things you can do inside your home to ensure your cat stays warm.

Heated Cat Beds

Heated cat beds come in different styles; some are donut-shaped while others are igloo-shaped.  And some are flat mats.  When choosing a bed for your kitty, take her preferences into account.  If your cat likes to sleep under blankets or snooze partially hidden, she might like an igloo-shaped or cave-like bed.

According to Pam Johnson-Bennett, many cats feel more secure if they can feel their back up against something.  So if your cat is one of those but doesn't like being hidden while he sleeps, he may enjoy a donut-shaped bed.  If your kitty enjoys sprawling out while he sleeps, he might prefer a heated mat.  Furthermore, if you have an elderly or arthritic cat and he is unable to step over things or curl into a ball, a heated mat would be best.

Safety is obviously an important issue.  Purchase a bed that only heats up to a cat's body temperature.  The safest types of heated beds are those that return to room temperature when the kitty gets off the bed.  Beds with removable covers allow for regular washing.

In an attempt to keep cats warm, some pet owners may wrap a human heating pad in a blanket or towel.  However, even if kept on the lowest setting, these heating pads can burn kitties.  That's why it's advisable to get a heated bed made specifically for kitties.


Lots of kitties love sun puddles, so when your home gets sun, open the blinds or curtains for your cat.  Jewel loved to follow the sun puddles around the apartment!  I think they helped ease her arthritic joints a little, and she was able to stay nice and warm at the same time.

Other Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm Indoors

If your cat enjoys watching bird or squirrel TV out the window, provide him a padded window perch so he doesn't have to sit on the cold floor or windowsill.  Alternatively, you could provide him a heated cat perch for window watching.  Additionally, if you have drafts coming from the windows in your home, take care of the leaks to help your kitty be more comfortable during the winter.

Try to elevate all of your cat's favorite sleeping spots so she isn't as close to the floor.  If you have a senior or arthritic cat who has trouble jumping or climbing into high beds, provide her with a towel, blanket, or heated cat mat in a cardboard box (what kitty doesn't enjoy a good box?) and cut out a low entrance so she can easily get in and out of it.

Try to provide your cat with several warm and cozy spots so he has plenty of options for staying warm.  For instance, Milita really likes fleece blankets, so I've covered all of her favorite sleeping spots with them.

Many people turn their thermostats down when they are at work or aren't at home to save energy.  This may be okay for a healthy kitty, but it can be uncomfortable for a senior, arthritic, thin, or ill cat.  In these cases, you might want to turn your thermostat up a few degrees to take the chill out of the air for your kitty.

Keeping Your Cat Warm on Trips

If you drive, go out and start your car a few minutes before you need to leave to warm it up a little for your cat.  Line your cat's carrier with a towel or blanket.  You might also want to put a towel or blanket over the top of your cat's carrier when you take him to and from the car to keep some of the wind and chilliness out of his carrier.  

If you do not or cannot drive, it can be a little more difficult to keep your kitty warm on a trip to the vet.  If it's possible, take a taxi or ask a friend to take you to the vet.  If you're disabled and your city has a paratransit system, you could use that to get to the vet.  Line your cat's carrier with a blanket or towel to keep her warmer during your trip.  You may also want to cover her carrier with a towel or blanket when you are going to or from the vehicle to keep some of the wind and chilliness off of your cat.

We are participating in the Keeping Pets Warm event today hosted by Davinia and Indiana from Two Little Cavaliers.