Monday, April 15, 2019

Mancat Monday

Hi everyone, it's Tylan.

We apologize we have not been around much at all lately. The Mom lady has been trying to make that green stuff - we are sure your humans can relate! 

Those of us who follow us on Facebook will not be surprised to hear some of this news. I have something called "stomatitis." It makes my mouth very, very painful. I love to eat, but when my mouth hurts so bad, I don't eat much or anything at all. 

Before the Mom lady took me home, all but my two bottom canines were pulled. It improved my health some. Before they pulled my teeth, I didn't even want anyone to PET me. I love tummy rubs so the Mom lady says she cannot even imagine how much pain I must have been in. 

Unfortunately, pulling most of my teeth did not cure me. 

I have really bad ulcers in my throat. They are very, very painful some days. On my bad pain days, I get some medicine. The Mom lady used to give it to me in my mouth, and I hated that because it hurt! So she talked to the vet, and they switched me over to something she can give me in an injection now, and I actually like that a lot better!! 

I get depo medrol (steroid) injections at the vet once a month, but they are quickly losing their effectiveness and lasting a shorter and shorter time each time I get one. This is common in kitties with stomatitis. 

The vet says my only chance to have a pain-free life is to have something called "stem cell therapy." But it costs a lot of green papers. So, the Mom lady is working with the rescue people who rescued me from Thailand to raise the money. What a lucky mancat am I to have so many people who love me?! 

The Mom lady and the rescue people are planning to launch their fundraisers soon. There will be more information on my condition and the treatment then, but for now, I could use a few purrs if you want to send some. I have been hiding UTB a lot and gnawing on the Mom lady a lot the past few days. The Mom lady understands I'm not trying to be mean - I am just in pain. She feels very bad for me and wishes she could do more for me while we wait for everything to come together. 

I go for my next steroid injection on Wednesday. I love the vet and the techs!!! I demand everyone rub my tummy, and they do! And when the vet leaves to go get something out of another room, I knock his pen on the floor and play with it! And, in the waiting room, whenever another client cmes in, they fuss over how, "beautiful," I am! The vet is a fun place. I don't know why Carmine grumbles about going. 


  1. You are such a special guy and we are sending you lots of purrs pal. Oh, and we send lots of gentil hugs too.

  2. Hi Tylan, we sure hope you can get the help you need. You're such a handsome guy.

  3. Purrs and prayers for you to get well Tylan, sending love your way.

  4. Oh, poor Tylan! Hoping you feel better!

  5. We're so sorry you're suffering, Tylan ! We hope you can get help and feel better. Purrs

  6. You poor guy. I will be praying you can get the stem cell therapy. XO

  7. I know how nasty stomatitis can be. We had a cat who had that too. So sorry you have to go through this.

  8. We're so sorry you have to endure this terrible pain Tylan. We are are closing our eyes, blinking slowly and purring really hard for you to recover from this. xx from the Chirpies

  9. We are sorry to hear this, Tynan. One of our boycats, Buzz, has the same problem. We are sending purrayers and POTP to you (and Carmine & Mom) .

  10. Tylan, you are such a sweet boy. I really hope everything comes together for your stem cell therapy. I'm sending lots of purrs your way.

  11. Tylan you poor fellow know that the whole family is sending purrs and prayers your way and we will help as things move forward

  12. Meow meow Tylan yore such a brave man cat to endure such pain. Miss Sierra LadyMew wants to doe-nate sum greeniess an shee iss tryin to figure out a see-cure way to do this...
    Tylan mee sendss you all THE POTP you need an love an ***gentell ***purrsss***
    Yore frendss BellaDharma an LadyMew