Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday Amidst the Chaos

Carmine rests on my bed.
Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!  

The house is in chaos - everything keeps changing, and mes doesn't like it one bit!  Mes ams still stressed out over it all, but the Mom thinks that the Feliway diffuser is helping mes a little because mes is eating a little more than mes was last week.  Hers gives mes the delicious a/d when mes doesn't feel like eating much, and mes always loves to gobble that down!  Then mes laughs 'cause Lita tries to come and clean up my crumbs, and the Mom takes it away from hers and says, "Lita, you don't need a/d, pumpkin."  (Don't worry, Lita always gets hers own snack when mes has one).

The Mom talked to the vet about mes stress, and the vet prescribed mes something called Xanax.  The Mom hasn't given mes any yet, but hers says hers will a few days before wes make the move so mes will not be so stressed.  Hers says it will make mes feel sleepy and happy.  

The Mom still does not has a move-in date, but hers and the new apartment manager is planning for the move next weekend.  The Mom says the "higher ups are dragging their feets!"  Hers says that "the Big Guy Upstairs" has this, but hers is a worrywart and worries anyways.  So if yous would like to send purrs and/or prayers that all the moving plans fall into place, hers would appreciate it very much.  

The Mom says our new place is much smaller than our current one, but hers keeps telling mes and Lita that it will be so much better for all of ours healths.  Mes ams thankful mes has a mom that cares so much about mes and Lita that hers is moving to a much smaller space instead of waiting for a bigger one to become available.  

Mes ams also thankful for all the boxes sitting around heres, but the Mom keeps piling stuff on top of my favorite ones and then has to move it all when mes wants on it, MOL!  Mes ams thankful that the Mom understands that mes comes before hers organization.  

Mes will update yous all again soons.  

Purrs and loves,


  1. Carmine, we know how stressful change can be...but we know you're gonna love your new place and things will be better.

  2. We don't like stress, either. Hang in there. This too shall pass. Hugs.

  3. It will be okay Carmine and I know you will be just fine with the new normal once things settle down. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Carmine, I am so sorry you are all stressed out over moving prep. It is scary seeing your world go into boxes. We didn't like it either when our muver moved to a new house. Mommy said it would be ok. And now we really love our home.
    Raja and Zoe from

  5. Mee-you Crmine change iss all ways diffycult fur us katss an Hu'manss all so. Mee an LadyMum are sendin POTP an **purrsss** an ~~purryarsss~~ an ((hugsss))
    Wee hope thee 'Higher uppyss' get their actsa together so youss' can move soon!!!
    Hang in there mee furend!
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

  6. Hi Carmine! I am sending you and Lita and your human lots of purrs for this move! I'm sure you will love the new place, once you are settled.

  7. Carmine my fellow Orangie the family are sending lots of purrs you and Lita's way. Mom takes good care of you my friend so no worries and we know the move will be here and gone in no time.

  8. Carmine, your momma loves you so! The move will be wild and wooly, but then life will settle down in no time. Sending all of you purrs and hugs!

  9. Soon all this nasty upheaval junk will be but a memory...and life will go on in a fine wonderful way...that is what we are pawyering for you all.

  10. I am sure all will be fine! It's natural to be stressed moving, you will end up loving it. Tell Mama, if SHE is calm, you will be pick up on HER stress ;) catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. Moving is no fun, but we're sure you're going to be very happy once everything is done. Purrs

  12. Stress can seem overwhelming but, take a kitty breath and it ill pass and you will be JUST FINE!!

  13. I am going to be praying for you all and hope you get to move soon and it goes well.XO

  14. Carmine, we hope the new medicine works for you. It is hard to make a move and have things all topsy turvy. Good luck to all of you.

  15. Awwww Carmine, we hope the chaos subsides quickly and mew feel better, we're sending mew big hugs and lot's of gentle purrs!

    Basil & Co xox

  16. Purrayers and POTP for you, Lita, and Mom that the move goes well and things soon get better !

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