Thursday, August 27, 2015

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much Book Review and Giveaway

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much book cover
Are you constantly covered in cat fur?  Do you reek of Feliway?  Or perhaps you stand in line for six hours to get your cat an autographed copy of Grumpy Cat?  Do you love your cat too much?

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much written by Allia Zobel Nolan and illustrated by Nicole Hollander examines the relationship between women and the cats they love too much with laugh-out-loud examples of the lengths you might go to if you're addicted to pleasing your feline friend.

I could definitely relate to some of the examples in the book.  I don't know whether to be amused or worried by that, haha!  For instance, you might love your cat too much if:

  • You throw away fifteen or more catnip toys until you find the one your cat prefers.  I don't throw away the toys Carmine and Milita don't go for, but I definitely go through a lot of toys to find the ones they love best (and donate the ones they aren't interested in).
  • Your dinner consists of discount peanut butter and peas while the babies eat from specialty menus prepared by Rachel Ray and Bobby Fay.  The babies definitely eat better than I do sometimes!
  • You won't turn over during the night no matter how uncomfortable you are because you might disturb the cat.  I've done this so many times, especially with Jewel because she rarely slept near or on me.  
  • Spend your bonus on a compound that makes her thyroid pill taste like caviar.  I have spent an incredible amount of money over the years to have the kitties' medication compounded to taste better.  In fact, Carmine and Milita both take Prednisolone tablets made to taste like chicken liver. 
Other examples in the book are ridiculously over-the-top and hilarious!  A few that really made me laugh are:

  • You carry your work around the office in your mouth, meowing plaintively, until someone pays attention to you.  
  • You get passed over for a promotion because you test positive for catnip.
  • Your kitties hypnotize friends so that they forget what they came for when they gather for your cat-addiction intervention.
Zobel Nolan is a professed cat addict.  When asked if she considers herself a "crazy cat lady," she answered:

"You know the stereotypical image of the crazy cat lady is of a spinster, in slovenly clothes, who lives with hordes of cats in a stinky house that looks like a bomb hit it. Other than the messy house, I don't fit that category. Some may consider my over-the-top treatment of my cats “crazy.” But I believe if you are blessed with the care of an animal, you should do all you can to make it happy and comfortable...everything."

You might wonder if Zobel Nolan has done any of the over-the-top behaviors she writes about in Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much.  When asked what the most bizarre thing she's ever done for her cats was, she responded:

"Well, I don't consider anything I've ever done for my cats “bizarre.” The book notwithstanding others whose involvement with their puddies may not run as deeply as my own, may think I spoil them – what with insisting on fresh, wild caught (never farmed) salmon for their meals, or hiring a vet technician to come in to the house six times a day to make sure they are okay when I'm away for more than two hours. Also, when I'm cuddling my newly-rescued baby, Nolan Nolan, I also run my face up and down his fur, imitating the licking gestures a mommy cat makes when she cleans her puddy. I do that because he is under a year old and may be missing being groomed by his birth mom. But I don't consider any of that “bizarre.” However, I read on the web of some woman who actually “married” her cat. Now, to me, that's bizarre. That's like marrying your child."

I can relate to Zobel Nolan's answers to these questions.  I'm sure that some people think what I do for my cats is "over-the-top," but I strongly believe that when we are so blessed to have a cat choose us for their companion, it is our duty to spoil them and make them as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as they are with us.  

If you're a cat lover, you will love Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much.  

The book is set to publish on September 29th.  You can pre-order a copy right now on Amazon.  


Allia Zobel Nolan has graciously offered to give TWO of our readers a copy of Women Who Still Love Too Much.  Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

You must be 18+ and live in the United States to enter.  Winners will be contacted by email.  Winners must provide Fur Everywhere a physical address where your prize can be shipped within 48 hours of email notification that you've won.  If no response is received within 48 hours, another winner will be randomly chosen.  

About the Author: Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally-published award-winning author of over 200 children's and adult trade titles. Her books reflect her two main passions, God and cats, and include such varied titles as Purr More, Hiss Less: Heavenly Lessons I Learned from my Cat, Cat Confessions: A Kitty-Come-Clean Tell-All Book, The Ten Commandments for Little Ones, The Worshiper's Prayer Book and Whatever: Livin' the True, Noble, Totally Excellent Life.

Zobel Nolan lives and loves her puddies way too much in Connecticut with her with husband, Desmond Finbarr Nolan, and their feline children, Sineady Cat, the Fraidy Cat, and Nolan Nolan.

About the Illustrator:   Nicole Hollander created and produced the syndicated the cartoon strip, Sylvia, for a gazillion years. She blogs six days a week at and offers a Sylvia archival strip every day – as well as links to politics, cultural commentary, and of course, more cat videos than you can shake a stick at!

Connect with Allia Zobel Nolan on her website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of "Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much" free of charge for an honest review.  Receiving the free book did not influence my opinions in any way.  All opinions shared on Fur Everywhere are my own.  


  1. Right now the over the top thing I do is hand feed Annabelle every meal. She waits for me to do this, and she will leave her food if I don't. Now I know I've trained her -- well let me rephrase -- she trained me to do this, but it's a bonding thing between us. Mealtime with Abby was always me preparing her special concoction, so in an odd way I've continued doing more at meal time with Annabelle.

  2. Oh dear - Hannah will only eat home cooked chicken breast at lunch time - I hide the left over chicken in the fridge and give it to her the next day and open and shut the oven door in the hope that she thinks it's still fresh cooked !!

  3. That sounds like a great book. Love Hannah and Lucy's comment. I don't have to worry about loving my cats too much, since there are so many of them, it is hard to spoil them all. Take care.

  4. Allia is brilliant and funny. I'm privileged to have actually met Nolan Nolan and I don't think it's possible to love him too much.

  5. That does sound good but you really can't love cats too much!

  6. This book sounds wonderful. Went store to store to store looking for a particular type of cat food until I found it. My kitty was having trouble keeping food down, but could keep this one kind down and I had run out. A Mom will do what a Mom gotta do

  7. It's not weird but I try to give my cats the best possible life they can have in the short years there are with me. They are spoiled rotten. They give me so much love and affection. I am truly blessed.

  8. I think my human is not crazy enough! I would love to be catered to more.

  9. Looks like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. That sounds like a great book ! We'll add it to our wish list ! Good luck to our US friends for that pawsome giveaway ! Purrs

  11. This book sounds like it is a lot of fun. I have indeed gone through a ton of toys to find the ones my cats like. Just like you, I don't throw any away though. There are other kitties that might want them!

  12. That looks like a fun funny book. I know a few cat lovers who could relate.

  13. This book sounds perfect for my favorite cat lover!

  14. not paying bills to make sure the cats had their food and treats.

  15. Look forward to checking out this book! Hmmm.... most bizarre thing... well, not so bizarre to me (i'm in good company here!) but was to build a 300sq ft "kitty heaven" off the side of my house to help appease my male kitty who was an older kittenrescue, and clearly used to having access to the outside regularly. He had been expressing his dissatisfaction with the arrangement by marking up the house, but when Kitty Heaven opened, all was well! :)

  16. What does this "love too much" mean =) Sounds like a good book - thanks for the review! I think we simply love our animals and often realize they won't be around forever...if we treat them a cut above the norm, they deserve it.

  17. I don't know. Nothing I have done for my cat seems bizarre to ME (maybe to others, but not to me). Just talking to him is seen as bizarre to some people!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  18. I may be one of them, but personally, I don't think you can love a cat too much.

  19. Well, Mommy does a lot of silly stuff. Like if we're already in bed when she gets there she gets in really slow and distorts herself so she won't bother us. Then Lexy gets up and runs away! MOL

  20. Sounds like a great book. Dad is always so very manly he never goes overboard in loving all of us. We have a Nip Farm for sale in Mongolia too MOL
    Timmy and the pampered kitties

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